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Vintage Blush Mink Coat Full Length - by Majestic Mink Canada!
Blush Mink Coat Vintage Majestic Full Length
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FABULOUS LUXURIOUS blush mink full length coat!  Canada Majestic Mink CMBA pre-owned fur coat.  The pelts are soft and supple, the mink has good guard hair.  Gorgeous glossy mink in a blush beige white color. WONDERFUL craftsmanship and style!

DETAILS: Three hook and lockdown eye closures, one top collar hook closure.  Clean cream satin embroidered rose floral, leaf and scalloped design on satin lining.  The lining embroidery is 10" wide and begins 4" above the bottom hem.  Hidden inside pocket, two hidden side pockets.  The mink is blush to taupe colored with cream undercoat.  Satin inside waist tie also embroidered.  There is minor guard hair wear under the centre loop.  Accessories not included.

Measurements below:
Size - Medium
Bust - 40-42", Hip - 44", Waist at button - 42", Shoulder to shoulder - 18", Sleeve length - 24".
Length centre back bottom - 41", Sweep (circumference of bottom) - 55".

Blush Mink Coat Vintage Majestic Full Length

Blush Mink Coat

Vintage Blush Mink Coat Back View

Vintage Blush Mink Coat Drape

Vintage Blush Mink Coat with Belt

Majestic Mink Canada

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