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Vintage Adderley Bone China Floral Bouquet - Extraordinary!
Adderley Bone China Floral Bouquet
Item 4-2005 SOLD
GORGEOUS ADDERLEY Bone China Floral Bouquet.  One of the most luscious Adderley pieces ever created.  This wonderfully designed and colored china bouquet consists of 15 flowers and 2 buds for a total of 17 flowers!  This is a large piece, measuring 6 inches high by 6 inches across.  The bouquet seems to be in very good condition.  There are no apparent chips, but if there are any, they are difficult to identify.  The mark on the bottom reads "Adderley Floral Bone China Made in England".

This is an EXTRAORDINARY piece of floral bone china.  The colors are so vivid.  The flowers are so beautiful.  The overall design is so satisfying.  It would be difficult to find a parallel to this piece.  Just BREATHTAKING!

Adderley Bone China Floral Bouquet

Adderley Bone China Floral

Adderley Bone China Flowers

Adderley Bone China

Adderley Flowers

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