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Vintage Hand Made Moccasins Beaded Cree Ojibwe - First Nations!
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AUTHENTIC HAND MADE CREE OJIBWE Moccasins - Northern CANADA - one of a kind!  SO COLORFUL!  NO BEADS MISSING!  Please read the history below on this FABULOUS PAIR.

These moccasins were hand-made for a friend in the early 60's.  She had befriended a Cree/Ojibwe woman from the Savant First Nations tribe in Northern Ontario Canada.  The native woman hand-made these gorgeous slippers using tiny seed beads, trade beads as she said, and deer leather because it was softer for a lady.  She used traditional designs passed down to her from her grandmother who learned them from her own mother.

The moccasins measure 9" from toe to heel and 4' across the ball of the foot.  They would easily fit a ladies size 8.  They do not have a formed sole, so they could fit a smaller foot if you put an insole in them, or they could stretch to fit a ladies 8 1/2.  The slippers were not worn very much.  The bottoms, although discolored, are not thin, and the suede hide is not worn.  The yellow ribbon is sewn onto the material lining and could use replacing.  The material trim and inside half lining was designed to keep the beads from being rough against the skin.  An ABSOUTELY WONDERFUL pair of unique moccasins!

Vintage Hand Made Moccasins Beaded Cree Ojibwe

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