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Vintage Glass and Collectible Glass - Murano Chalet Viking!

Welcome to our vintage glass page. We have many great pieces of art glass which we will soon be placing on our pages.  You will find names such as Murano, CHALET, Viking, Altaglass, Depression Glass, Elegant Art, and more.

CHALET is a glass maker in Canada, which had access to some fine artisans from Murano.  They produced beautiful and very distinct pieces of glass.  These pieces are becoming very collectible.  We have some outstanding pieces of CHALET.

Of course, many people are familiar with Murano glass.  One of the most famous glass making regions in the world, it has produced innumerable fine pieces of art glass.  We will be placing pieces by such names as Seguso and Barbini on our pages.  Look for Murano birds, bowls, and more!

Featured Vintage Glass Items
Below are some of our featured vintage glass items.  Check out our links below for the rest of our great selection of glass!
Chalet Honey Twist Art Glass
Chalet Honey Twist
Seetusee Dish
Seetusee Dish
Blue Ruffle Vase
Blue Ruffle Vase
Murano Cobalt Bowl
Murano Cobalt Bowl
Olive Green Sommerso Vase
Sommerso Vase
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