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We are introducing our different types of Linens we have available.  We have vintage tablecloths in all kinds of designs, including many Christmas designs, and others appropriate for a Thanksgiving table setting.

We will soon be placing online different types of vintage pillow cases, including some with very interesting embroidery.  Check back often for our latest updates!

Featured Vintage Linen Items
Below are some of our featured vintage linens.  Check out our links below for the rest of our great selection of vintage linens, including Christmas and Thanksgiving tablecloths!
Pink Grapes Tablecloth
Pink Grapes
Wilendur American Beauty Tablecloth
Wilendur Tablecloth
Kitchen Stoves Tablecloth
Kitchen Stoves
Christmas Ornaments Tablecloth
Christmas Ornaments
Eames Kitchen Ware
Eames Kitchen Ware
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