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Vintage Lov'Lee Peignoir White - Double Chiffon Wide Sweep!
Vintage Lov'Lee White Peignoir
Item 5-3007 SOLD

Lov'Lee SHEER double chiffon white peignoir - WIDE SWEEP!  Fabulous Lov'Lee wide sweep bridal white peignoir.  Lacy bodice detailing and cuffed short puffy sleeve.

Size - Large.
See measurements below:
Shoulder to shoulder 18", bust 44", waist free, hip free, length armpit to bottom 43".
SWEEP 132" (circumference around hem).

A wonderful peignoir!  So Sheer - So Ultra Feminine!  Accessories not included.

Lov'Lee Bridal White Peignoir

Vintage Lov'Lee Double Chiffon Peignoir

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