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Belgian H. Bequet Quaregnon Ewer - Fabulous Hand Painted Artistry!
Belgian H. Bequet Quaregnon Ewer
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Fabulous ornate signed BELGIUM H BEQUET QUAREGNON still has its original sticker stating 'hand painted ceramic d'art'.   Standing 10 inches tall, this magnificent piece is in mint condition.   Unlike most pieces, this unique pice has the painting all the way around the ewer.  The gold painted arms and rim gleam!

This gorgeous piece made its way to Canada during WWII.  An officer with the Royal Canadian Air Force who was stationed in Belgium wanted to bring home a gift for his wife.  He purchased this beauty as a memory of the majesty of the flowers in the Belgian countryside.

This exceptional decorative ewer has bright bold colors and rippled design at the mouth of the ewer.  It is ready to add its beauty and graceful vintage style to your favorite room!

Bequet Quaregnon Ewer

H. Bequet Quaregnon Flowered Ewer

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